Unfortunately Hotline Chimneys Ltd ceased to trade as of 14/7/2017.

To all customers and those whom it may concern without prejudice

Misjudgments no doubt were made within the company over the years, such as extremely poor choices of web developers, as well as a lack of support from the banks and bad professional advice taken, which has quite simply meant we were just no longer one of the strongest players in the industry.

Ultimately the final Death Knell for Hotline Chimneys was the abysmal way in which our government dealt with both Brexit and the recent joke of an election, which those in the trade will know seems to have slashed consumers spending in our industry dramatically over a very short period indeed.

It is with particularly deep regret that we had to wind-up the company so close to what would have been our 20th anniversary in 2019!

The directors and all of their staff would like to thank every customer for their loyal support over many years, especially those who have stuck with us more recently whilst being offered cheaper and cheaper products (often of a questionable quality) as suppliers fight for a share of a shrinking marketplace. We very much wish you every success for the future.

Additionally we hope you can all appreciate that we have stuck to our principles and core family values in the way we have traded with you over the years, never letting profit be the only consideration, always preferring a sound night's sleep.

Web Domain For Sale

The domain www.hotline-chimneys.co.uk was the first URL ever registered in the UK for the specific sales of Flue and Chimneys product way back in December 1999 and could be available to purchase. If you are interested please email support@pckernow.co.uk